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A collection of posts that are just some of my own attempts at helping people understand something about the truth of God, His Word and His world. If you find it helpful, praise God! If not – well… the reason I’ve published blogs here is because I feel that no one else should be responsible for getting it wrong but me!

Vaccine Passports and the Church

In mid-September there seemed to be for some time a great likelihood that churches would be required by government to enforce vaccine passports and limit gatherings to those fully vaccinated. Whether churches should comply with these rules was for some time a hotly debated topic among church leaders. This blog post is to express myContinue reading “Vaccine Passports and the Church”

About Me

Hi, I’m Bryan. I’m a husband, father, pastor and most importantly, a sinner saved by grace… a child of God. I’m currently serving as the minister at the Kempsey and South West Rocks Presbyterian Churches.